The heart that remembers what it loves…

Here is to the unfulfilled desires

Like a baby bird who dies before it flies

Like a stone that vanishes before it creates ripples

Like a bud that perishes before it blossoms


Here is to the gloominess

Undying, residing forever and ever

Somewhere in the corner, deep down in the hearts

That remember what it love


Here is to the hearts

That remember what it love

That remember what it cannot get to

That fake to be happy when it’s not


Here is to those brave hearts

May you find love where there is no

May you find peace in what you do

May you move on

Find a loyal friend and lover in you!

There comes a point in your life when you realize that the only loyal friend you can ever have is YOU, and if you don’t realize this then you are living your life in a big fantasy.

You are acceptable to people as long as you are good as per their definition of goodness. No matter how close you are to your so-called loved ones, nobody will stand at your back when you are in the unacceptable pool.

Honestly, their is no selfishness or rudeness on the people side as well. This is something we also do with others. We love other as long as they love us, we like things we think are lovable and we show kindness to people as long as we think they are worthy of it. Only thing we need is realization of this phenomenon.

It is either you or God who can pat you at your back when nobody wants to stand even near to you. Therefore realization of one’s own self is of great importance. You need to embrace yourself first, with all the flaws and imperfection. You need to learn how to console your self, how to pamper your self and importantly how to take care of your own self. Nobody cares for you when they don’t need you. It is only you who need yourself constantly.

learn to find your own lap to put you head on when grieved instead of finding someone else’s shoulder.

Love for Arts!

The World of colors is beautiful. Beautiful to an extent that it will take you away from the ugly realities of this World, as long as your hands spread colors on canvas or your eyes bathe with the spectacular curves on the canvas.
images (4) images (5)

Paintings, not only a beautiful hobby, but also a creative way of expressing your thoughts with strokes. Your thoughts which are kind, creative and worth showing should be on the canvas, should be bathed with colors and imaginations.

Whenever I paint or I see a beautiful painting of someone else’s, the thought which comes into my mind is that how much of relieve does it provide you. If you are unable to find what you desire, you still can put it into your imagination and transfer it to your canvas. What a beautiful way out for our unfulfilled desires!

Reality and Media

Being constantly bombarded with countless channels, numerous talk shows,biased anchors constantly shouting ‘their’ truths, unfortunately we have centered our realities to what media’s reality is.

So for me the truth is what CNN, BBC, FOX News etc shows. However, in this scenario we failed to realizw that there is one truth which media covers through its reports and then thereimages (3) are countless realities which media won’t bring to you.

I am not against media or NEWS, but I want to say is that do not limit your World to what media’s world is. World is not as bad as media shows. It is still a peaceful place with lots of kind hearts and creative beautiful minds working irrespective of their class, social standing, religion, culture and any other label.

So go out for the truth, talk to people, explore hearts and watch for yourself what hidden truth are. As for media, I understand that there are certain limits set by cultures which they cannot cross and hence cannot bring the complete picture.But this is a duty of individual not to set stereotypes based on just what media said.

in the midst of beauty, I found You!

–  Somewhere in the rushing streams

in the hardness of rocks

and in the tenderness of rose

I found You!

in the divinity of beauty

and in the beauty of ugliness

in the simplicity of complexity

I found You!

Oh yes! I can see you in the gentle hands that rock the cradle

I can feel You in the shines of starts

and I can see You in the hotness of Sun

Oh find thy Lord!

I can find Him every where

from the tiniest bit of sand, to the mighty shores

I can see You my Lord, indeed everywhere!

While chasing dreams!

While playing with her barbie, Sana-a five year old, caught up by a thought “I wish I could have the doll house like Amna’s.”

Amjad, sunk in a pool of files had this wish deep down in his heart to have a high-class white collar job like his peers.

And this not ends here, it is the story of every soul on the Earth. When a child grows up and enters in his teens, not only his body grows but also his dreams!

Hence, we are always surrounded by our dreams, big or small, but always a desire, an endless streams of wishes. These wishes are actually motivation for some, and for some it is the depression. The question arises, whether to gather a pool of wishes is right or wrong?

One thing is for sure, we cannot take away our soul and mind from the dreams. We cannot stop our mind from attaining something which is not possible. Then what do we do?

The answer though is simple, and not simple too. Have dreams, but do not let them be your weakness. Follow your dreams but do not lose your-self while chasing dreams. As we cannot deny the fact that wishes are the motivation of life. Life would indeed be a dark, gloomy hell of realities without dreams.